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People. Process. Technology.

// SubroChain®

SubroChain® has been 20 plus years in the making and is coming soon!

Latitude Subrogation Services, (“Latitude”) and its highly skilled team of subrogation experts and its team of industry technology pioneers has created the world’s first services termed as SubroChain®.

The technology landscapes continue to evolve and shape and reshape the process and workflow for tomorrows world. Creative innovations drive efficiencies and savings sparking the current Insurtech revolution. From artificial intelligence to blockchain, the endless possibilities of your dreams transforms the world around us.

The growing thirst for change and collaborating in many industries has caught up with what the fintech industry is using today; the incredible power of technology via immutability, smart contracts and blockchains.

Creating trust in the industry through the use of secure, shared public ledgers and fortified network security protocols has many positives for many industries including the self-insured, mutual, and P&C insurance arenas.

Network security, smart contracts, advanced technologies leveraging automation, all have pushed forward at warp speed change where historically, change has been slow.

SubroChain® using our own proprietary processes and best practice procedures harnesses the Artificial Intelligence Power of the Infrastructure backbone and enabling technologies such as Einstein, IBM Watson, applying it to the world of subrogation.

Implementing SAAS enabled platform using secure distributed ledger, AI/ML will bring tremendous value to Latitude and its clients. Taking what has been learned over these past years, mixing in our own entrepreneurial spirit along with our short term and long-term strategic vison has driven Latitude to the future of tomorrow, today.

Elimination of manual repetitive tasks, creating smart rules, having the ability to create smart contracts, and provide Latitude Clients an operational advantage. Providing efficient, transparent, and real time visibility into the claims process life cycle is the future of the industry. Data through streamlined workflows and electronic handshakes will soon provide Latitudes’ Clients and Employees clear advantages. Latitude, known in the industry for its legendary client services, affords everyone in the ecosystem of subrogation the additional time to focus on other sectors of the business that need human attention.

Latitude has aligned the best people, the best processes and the best technology.

People. Process. Technology.