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Our Services - Arbitration Management

Latitude is a member of NAMIC and Arbitration Forums, Inc. as well as the Kentucky Insurance Arbitration Association, venues for resolution of disputes between mutual, self-insured and property & casualty insurers. If a case is denied and we can pursue it through Arbitration, and if the other carrier has little or no damages, we will take the opportunity and file Arbitration even though we know it can be a challenge to prevail.

Our Certified Arbitration Administrators have over 20 plus years of experience in producing winning contentions for our clients, and have expertise in all areas of arbitration, including contention writing, counter-claims, deferments, and E-Speed Filing. Our win ratio is 60% on referred cases and we collect on average 80% of dollars placed into arbitration. Our average cycle time is 120 days to resolution. Because Latitude also purchases subrogation claims, we are able to file under Latitude's name as a third party administrator. We also file arbitration in all forums under the name of our client and their subsidiaries.

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