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Our Services - Subrogation Purchase

If you prefer to bypass all of the administration and associated costs, while eliminating cycle times altogether, we can write you a check for your recovery assets. We will exchange cash today for the recovery rights of your claims based on the scoring of your portfolio. Recovery Assets represent a distinct asset class that can be collateralized and used for financing alternatives within your company.

Difficult economic times require savvy executives to not only manage the expense side of the income statement but to explore creative alternative strategies that maximize current ratios and insure consistent returns today. The challenge is to attain these goals without increasing exposures while positioning the company to achieve greater marginal returns as the economy and premium revenues return to more stabilized levels.

Latitude provides the answer by offering to purchase a portion or all of a company’s subrogation assets. Latitude will pay a lump sum today or arrange a flexible and fair payment schedule to acquire a company’s open and closed subrogation files. The many benefits include not only the current or periodic (clients choice) payments of recovery dollars but also permit the permanent reduction in imbedded fixed expenses that don’t need to be replaced as the economy and revenues recover.

At any time, but especially in these dire days of financial implosion, as a respected leader in the insurance community, you owe it to your yourself as a visionary, to explore this effective mechanism to present additional value to the industry.

Latitude invented the capital transaction model for subrogation acquisition and prides itself on helping our partners survive and thrive in all market circumstances.

Latitude can help today…and into the future.

To learn more about subrogation purchase contact Paul Webb, Chief Claims Officer (1-877-454-3400 ext. 2260) or visit Latitude Capital Solutions.

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